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Promoting conservation and economic alternatives in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest

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  • Re: logging plans in the Phillips watershed in the southern Great Bear Rainforest

    Greenpeace, Sierra Club BC and Stand.earth, collectively known as Rainforest Solutions Project (RSP), acknowledge the Kwiakah First Nation’s Indigenous rights and title. We expect the BC government and Western Forest Products (WFP) to seek agreement in the Phillips watershed with the Nation consistent with their Indigenous rights and title and the requirements for meaningful First Nations consultation found in the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements Land Use Order (GBRO) proclaimed February 1, 2016. The environmental groups involved in the Rainforest Solutions Project take Kwiakah First Nation (KFN) concerns seriously and our organizations are deeply committed to ensuring that the concurrent goals of Ecosystem-Based Management (to maintain ecological integrity and achieve high levels of human well- being) that underlie the GBRO continue to be met.    »Read More

  • Great Bear Rainforest Progress Update: 1rst Anniversary of the Legal and Policy Framework

    February 1, 2017 marks one year since the announcement of the Great Bear Rainforest Legal and Policy Framework    »Read More

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